Forum Title: Angle of row cutter when cutting carpet for a seam?
I am practicing for a floor covering license. I specialize in concrete & asphalt coatings, rather than carpet, but there is a practice question about carpeting that I'm not quite sure what is meant by it. I prefer to know what the question and answer of such question mean. The question is as follows: What is the angle of the row cutter when cutting carpet for a seam? The answer: 5 degrees away from carpet pile I know what the pile of the carpet is, and what the row cutter is, and what the seam of the carpet is, I just don't understand why the angle of the row cutter should be 5 degrees aways from the carpet pile? Any help is much appreciated, thanks!
Category: Carpet Post By: LORRAINE DAY (Rochester, MN), 01/28/2019

I never heard of that but it makes sense to ever so slightly bevel the angle of the cut to minimize the chance of any of the backing to show when you assemble the seam.

- WILLARD QUINN (Visalia, CA), 04/19/2019

I have only heard straight up but I do angle a little. Some carpets I even trim with a knife a little more backing, after running it, to get a smaller gauge between the rows.

- BYRON DANIEL (Yucaipa, CA), 05/16/2019

I've only heard straight up. There was a row cutter that a guy invented that had lasers in it to show if you were at a 90 or not, Nice tool but didn't take hold. With the angle I would think you would run the risk of overlap more easily and ledging. But after 54 years at this and and teaching I've come to the conclusion that whatever floats your boat what do the mill experts know. Sometimes variations from standards will come back and bite you. Daris

- KELLY PAGE (San Jose, CA), 04/23/2019

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