Forum Title: New carpet has to be replaced- help appreciated!
We purchased a Karastan Ashton Heights pin dot style carpet from a local carpet store that has been in business for 30+ years and has a good reputation. The install was a disaster, and the carpet already is snagging all over the place, and is especially bad around the seams, 3 weeks in. The shop has agreed to rip up the carpet and install a different carpet, as long as I select from a Mohawk or Karastan brand. We paid $3.25 p/sf for the carpet (not including pad + install). There isn't another Nylon Karastan option for us in this store at that price point - the closest is Enduring Harmony, a Kashmere BCF Nylon with Scotchguard, $4.00 p/sf. We have 1,750 square feet to cover. The store is trying to convince me to go with SmartStrand which I don't want to do, and they are not producing specs on the carpet selections. I truly don't know how they have stayed in business with such a good reputation for so long. The carpet is for our second floor- all bedrooms + a bonus room. We have two children + a dog. No eating/drinking upstairs. I'm looking for advice on Kashmere BCF Nylon and any advice on how to get specs from this store so I can make sure I am choosing a good carpet. I also don't want to spend any additional money with this company, but ultimately feel like I might have to in order to get a better carpet. Any advice is very much appreciated. Pics of first carpet install on our stairs and pictures of the Karastan Enduring Harmony carpet sample we are considering are included in this post. Thanks!
Category: Carpet Post By: TROY JENSEN (Pleasanton, CA), 02/13/2019

is there really anything wrong with your original choice of carpet? From the looks of the stairs you got a HACK installer. So 99% of the problems are most likely related to the lack of skill involved in the installation. The same crew of butchers will probably thrash and destroy whatever brand, style or quality carpet you buy. Disgusting workmanship.

- LARRY T (Fresno, CA), 03/07/2019

We have demanded new installers. Honestly, I would prefer to get my money back but am at a loss for how to do that. Getting them to agree to pull up this carpet and start over took 3 solid weeks of daily calls and emails.

- JOAN MORGAN (Oceanside, CA), 03/30/2019

If you paid by credit card, you probably have a way to get a refund. You could also consider hiring your own installer to fix what's there and get reimbursed from the retailer. By law in most states, the original installer has the right to try to remedy the situation. Do you know the $$$ limitations on small claims court where you live?

- SANDRA MOORE (Naperville, IL), 04/22/2019

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