Forum Title: Shaw - Blue / Life Happens vs. Pad with Moisture barrier
Hi All - New to the forum and in the process of buying new carpet. I narrowed my choices down to two different products, all based on color. 1. Shaw Find Your Comfort TT Blue/Life Happens backing and 6oz pad. 2. Shaw Platinum Texture Tonal with 8oz St. Jude moisture padding. Location - this is for the master and study area in a high end rental home. The house is currently vacant. In the past, all the tenants had pets so I am assuming the next will as well. Previous tenant stayed for 8 years. Prior one before that for 5 years. Hoping for another long term tenant. Both products are 53oz weight, and the both options price out within a few dollars of eachother. Is it better to have the moisure protection in the carpet, or in the pad? Or does it not matter and its all the same, so with the color that ultimately looks best? Thanks so much in advance, B
Category: Carpet Post By: DEANNA CORTEZ (Norman, OK), 01/25/2019

The difference in the pad is significant beyond that moisture barrier. The 8lb will hold up in your traffic areas much better and extend the life of the carpet. I?ve installed miles of the St Jude pad, it holds up! Either way get good pad!!

- BRANDON GOMEZ (Paramount, CA), 05/01/2019

Thanks. So if i go up to 8lb pad for both carpets, which is the better option - with the blue / life happens protection it built in or not? Also, if go with Blue, should I still do the St. Jude or go with the 8lb non moisture protection. Decisions... decisions.

- VIOLET STEVENSON (Palmdale, CA), 03/15/2019

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