Forum Title: Stairs .. Waterfall to Holywood
Stairs currently have waterfall look. Plywood under is simple 90 degree angle. I?d like to change to Hollywood with wrapped upper and flat face below on each step. It would be hard to take off plywood of step and install overhanging piece because it extends under balusters. I did a test and added a 1X1 piece to the edge. Actually 3/4 X 3/4. I used liquid nails and 5 #6 screws spread across the 43 inch length. It seems pretty darn strong to me. Carpet guy at store hasn?t seen but said he?d worry because most of weigh on steps is on front third. I get it.......and I don?t want to have a pretty Hollywood style installation break down in a year.....or 15. Has anyone ever done this or have another idea on making this work? Adding another 3/4 plywood over the existing won?t work because of side trim, balusters etc. Thanks Much!
Category: Carpet Post By: CHAD GEORGE (South San Francisco, CA), 02/11/2019

So you want to add a bullnose to the stair>?? i would like to say i have never just nailed two strips of smoothedge together and nailed it on.... i think your plan is way more sound than mine

- RUBEN LOWE (Roseville, CA), 05/16/2019

I've done it. The 2 exposed edges (top and bottom of the nose) should be rounded, or at least round the top edge, so the carpet and pad doesn't get damaged from the traffic. Construction adhesive and some 3 screws every 6 will give it enough strength. Let the adhesive dry thoroughly before doing any further work on the steps.

- DANIELLE FULLER (South Gate, CA), 03/18/2019

Would exterior glue plywood be best to minimize splitting and set plies vertically? Or could you just buy some 1/2 round somewheres?

- HERBERT FRANKLIN (Palmdale, CA), 04/16/2019

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