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I am useing a protable extractor with a wand. I have some concerns with burber carpet. are there any tricks to doing a good job, I have two jobs lined up next week and want to get the best results. I have done one job with this type of carpet and didn't feel the best about my end results. although the carpet looked better. I know these next two have more traffic marks.
Category: Carpet Post By: EDWARD THOMPSON (Taylorsville, UT), 01/30/2019

Rockstar, you hit the jackpot with this forum...... To clean berber carpet you must first understand what it is, and the chemistry needed to clean it. First let's talk about what it is. Berber, or loop pile carpet, is usually made from olefin (also called polypropylene). This plastic is oleophyllic, which means it likes oils. Over time the oils will not only stick to it, but stain permanently. The other problem with olefin carpets is the fact that they are not resilient, meaning they do not hold a twist or shape for very long. This contributes to the matted or flat traffic areas we have all seen with berber. The benefit of olefin carpet is the fact that it is almost completely non-absorbant, making it very stain resistant, except for oils as mentioned above. However, this creates another problem you will face with olefin carpets:wicking. Because it does not absorb, whatever is spilled, or whatever cleaning agent is sprayed onto it, goes right to the backing. Later on, the spots or chemicals come back up to the tips of the fibers in a process called wicking. (just like the oil flowing up the wick on an oil lamp). Now, let's talk about cleaning. As mentioned above, the main problems for cleaners who are attempting to clean this type of carpet are going to be: 1. Oils stuck to the fibers 2. matted down traffic areas 3. chemicals and spills under the carpet that may return First, I would recommend making a trip to your supply house to find out if they have cleaners for olefin. If not, use your best pre-spray, but add 2ounces boosting agent (oxidizer) and 10 ounces citrus solvent. Both of these should be readily available to you from your supplier or online (I will give you links if necessary). Pre-spray, let dwell for ten minutes, then extract with an acid based rinse, making sure to do an extra dry pass or two. Use fans to dry if you have them. The oxidizer will help bleach out the stained fibers, and the citrus will help remove the oils. The acid rinse will minimize the possibility of wicking, as will the dry pass. With this basic knowledge, you should be able to do a very good job. You should also educate your client with the info I have provided in the description. Not only will your client have more confidence in your abilities, but will be less likely to blame you when that big soda stain comes back up after you clean. You should also make them aware that olefin carpet does not perk up after cleaning, it stays flat, or goes back to flat very quickly. For this reason the traffic areas are going to forever look different, because the light does not reflect off of the carpet at the same angle as the rest of the carpet. I could go on forever.......TAKE AN IICRC CLEANING CLASS!!! Hope this helps, let me know how you do. az

- ALLEN GARZA (Maple Grove, MN), 04/28/2019

Az, If that post does not help, nothing will! Now would you like to post a few words on the 'berbers' I clean - wool or 80/20 wool/nylon?

- RONALD LOPEZ (Round Rock, TX), 05/03/2019

AZ you are the bomb! Great information

- ROY REED (Eugene, OR), 04/24/2019

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